Typed Document Transcription

Bulk Rates start from 45p per 1000 characters

Handwritten Document Transcription

Bulk Rates start from 75p per 1000 characters

Audio Transcription (Digital)

Prices for Transcription services are charged on a 'per audio minute' basis and start from £ 0.95 per audio minute. The quoted per audio minute price will enable you to work out exactly how much a project is going to cost at the outset.

Example: 60 minutes of audio x £ 0.95 per audio minute = £ 57

Minimum fee £ 150

For large projects discounts would apply. Please ask for a quote specifying the type of material, complexity, % of specialist terms, the subject area, total hours. The price will include transcription into a document and spell checking for accuracy.

No VAT applies to our rates as we are based in Jersey.